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Reshape the body - medical direction.

What is within our competence regarding remodeling treatments are toning, cellulite improvement, centimeter reduction and skin improvement.

Our body technologies are: Hifu for toning,
Pro-shape to shape and improve cellulite,

Cryotherapy for localized fat elimination,

Cavitation to improve localized fat and tone the tissue,
diode laser for permanent removal of up to 80% of hair.

  • Pro-shape: toning, better appearance of the fabric, anti cellulite. Improvement of the microcirculation.

  • Cryotherapy: decrease of localized fat.

  • Hifu: focused light that eliminates the old collagen to produce a new, better one, which tones the tissue (both on the face and on the body)

  • Massage with cast: it is used to reduce the areas to be treated in centimeters.

  • Cavitation: toning, used in slimming programs.

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